Sponsor Section



Dear Business Owner,

“ This year, We would like to present our 2nd Season of The Texas Jump Off to bring businesses,
Customers and our community together through our company on its sole purpose – to Advertise.
The Texas Jump Off is a concert based event that caters to giving inspiring artist a chance to earn the
most of their career with different opportunities such as World Wide digital music distribution,
Marketing Campaigns, Studio Sessions, and more sponsored by our team partners and participating
Vendors. We will be spending over $6,000 in advertising with flyer’s, newspapers, radio and television
Throughout the San Antonio and surrounding cities. More than 1000 people are to be expected to
Attend this event.


In return for your generosity, we will be promoting your business with brand-recognition
During our fundraising events, show night and in our show program. We will also provide you
with a tax-deductible receipt and many more benefits as well. Our promotional efforts will provide
you with a great opportunity to increase recognition of your company amongst the communities
Population, as well as the Lunchbox Ent’s community through a unique and memorable

I sincerely hope that you will take this proposal into consideration as our event depends
greatly on the generous support of members of the local business community such as yourself.
If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me at

  1. Download Sponsorship Form Here
  2. Fill it out and email mail it to www.eventmasters@gmail.com or in person Call 210-446-6407.

Thank you for your consideration and interest in our show and organization. I look forward
to speaking with you.