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The SEASON 2 The Texas Jump Off are looking for Young, Talented, and New Artists that want to get their Name out to the Public and to use this platform as your stepping stone to the music industry.JUMP OFF SEASON 2

Stage and Lighting will be provided. Performance and Have access to VIP and to the Official After Party VIP.
You will need to bring (1) Valid ID. (2) Your Own Music on USB, CD and or Instruments.

Time: Starts @ 11 A.M. Date: September/23rd/ 2017

Venue: Austin Hwy Event Center. San Antonio, TX. 78247

Check In: All artist will check in @ 12 A.M. the day of the show.
(Please bring all ticket money and unsold tickets. Your time slot will be determined at this time!)

Artist Slots: Slots are available to artist at $150 Buy – In order to receive 10 tickets to sell. Valued at $150.
and 15 tickets more to enter into our ticket system below.

Tickets: We will send you 25 to start. 10 Tickets for slot purchase and 15 Tickets for tickets system.
Tickets are $15 pre- sale advance / $20 day of show.
Lunchbox Entertainment will continue booking you on future events. If you sell all 25 tickets, contact us so
we can send you 25 more because, If you sale all 50+ tickets Lunch box Entertainment will book you on your
Own headlining gig.

Pay: Artist will keep $3/30+ per ticket sold, $4/60+ tickets sold,$5 for 100+ tickets Sold. If you sell 100 tickets
You will make $500 plus a headlining show that we will set up in the future!

Time Slot: Your time on stage will be between 10-20 minutes. What time you perform will be based o ticket
Sales. The artist with the most tickets sold will have 1st pick at time slots the artist with 2nd will pick next and
So on. If an act sells 5 tickets or less they only get to perform 1 song.

  1. Download Artist Booking Agreement Form Here
  2. Fill it out and email mail it to or in person Call 210-446-6407.
  3. Purchase slot below to complete booking order.

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10 minutes $150.00 USD
15 minutes $175.00 USD
20 minutes $200.00 USD
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